Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tears in a Bottle

"Lord, You know better than anyone about my tossing and turning at nights.  It just seems like sleep has become a stranger to the dark hours which go on and on each night.  I have actually prayed asking You for the blessing of peaceful and restful sleep, but somehow it still does not come.  Some nights like tonight I just get up and wander around the house.  Tonight as I struggle through till morning comes, I want to thank You for this Word which says that my tossing is recorded and my tears are collected in a bottle. (Psalm 56:  )  I needed to hear this Word, Lord.  It makes me feel once again that I just might make it.
I guess more than relief from the trouble and the circumstances which are a part of my life is my need to know You know, to know that You care, and that You are working in the midst of the chaos to bring some good in my life.  I know Your Word gives me this assurance over and over and I have given it in Your name to many sufferers You have brought into my life, but it is good to hear it once more.  My head knows it, but my heart has trouble sometimes accepting it.  I guess that is where I have been lately and I thank You for this Word which came tonight in a surprising way.
About that bottle, Lord.  Not sure what David had in mind when he first offered this prayer to You.  Guess it was a bit different than what I see around me, but still it gives me an image of confined and limited space.  So, while it seems to me that the tears and tossing has no end, could not possibly be contained in anything, it is good to see a single bottle which helps me put it in a different perspective.  You know and it will finally come to an end.  A bottle can only hold so much.  Maybe now I can sleep.  Thanks again, Lord, for a good Word in the night."

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