Saturday, October 29, 2016

A History Lesson

A history lesson forgotten again and again is the truth that God is involved in the ongoing life and destiny of nations.  Particularly, in these days when the presidential leadership of our country is being decided, it seems that our political future is more determined by the hundreds of millions of dollars spent rather than the glacier like influence of the God of creation.  The scripture is clear that God uses nations and their leaders for His purposes.  And, sometimes neither the nations nor the leaders worshipped Him or recognized His authority.  While God may not act as quickly as an election day bringing change the next day, He is still slowly and steadily moving the nations of the world toward that day when, "(His) kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven."
The 60th Psalm reminds us of this truth, a truth which is prevalent throughout the pages of scripture.  Our history is His history.  Our nation is His nation.  Our future is His future.  This is true of us and true of each one who claims citizenship in a land different than our own.  The Word of God tells us, "The earth is the Lord's and all that is it, and those who live in it."  (Psalm 24:1)  Nations rise and fall; they come and go.  Biblical history as well as secular world history declares this truth.  While nations come and go, the world remains in the care and control of the Creator.
No nation is invincible.  Every nation is vulnerable to the destructive fruit of its own egotism.  No nation has within the seeds of eternity, only the seeds of mortality.  Everything changes except for the God who brought the ever changing creation into existence and who is steadily moving it toward the fulfillment of the Creator's purpose.  While some may dismiss these ramblings as the words of a pessimist, it is simply an acknowledgement that nations cannot stand when the unchangeable core values of the Kingdom of God are laid aside for the ever changing core values of common consensus. 

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