Friday, October 14, 2016

A Surprising Word

After reading the 45th Psalm over and over for a period of four or  more days, I came to the conclusion that it clearly did not belong in the book of Psalms, or even the Bible.  It is hard to convince yourself that is a prayer like other Psalms since it begins with "I address my verses to the king."  Some might do a stretched interpretation which makes the king, Yahweh, but at this point, it is too much a stretch for me.  It even has the heading, "An Ode for a Royal Wedding" which bring back memories of high school English.

I suppose I could have gone to a commentary for insight since I did not seem to be receiving any on my own, but searching a commentary is not the same as searching the scripture for what the Word of God is saying to me today.  Just before throwing the 45th Psalm into the trash of un-explainable, it came to me that there is a Word here about our attitude toward leaders, and just maybe our attitude toward those around us whose lives seem filled to overflowing with material blessings not possessed by the average person who knows life as a day-to-day struggle.  Jesus spoke of giving to Caesar his due and Paul reminds us to be submissive to governing authorities.  (Matthew 22:21)  (Romans 13:1) 

Most of the time we are too quick to speak ill of those who govern us and in some cases those who govern us give us good reason for our negative attitudes.  And just maybe the difference becomes so sharp that we start regarding some as our political enemy for whom we desire only the worst of things.  Such an attitude is hard to reconcile with Jesus telling us to love and pray for our enemies.  Before we do either, we must truly desire good things for those who lead us.  The Psalmist joins Jesus in pointing us in such a direction.

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