Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Praying the 50th Psalm

"Mighty God, who calls the earth to life and who speaks to the heavens above it,  You have chosen to establish a holy covenant with the flawed and sinful ones like me.  Forgive me, Lord, for calling mine what I know is Yours.  I see the land around me, the few cows that graze on a single hill, the animals from the woods, and the birds flying in the air and I have called them mine.  I have spent a lifetime gathering things, Lord.  Things that make me feel good.  Things that make me think I am a success.  Things that make me think I am in control.  Help me, Lord, not to hold too tightly.

Help me, too, Lord, to live in a way that honors You.  In difficult circumstances when there seems to be nothing but trouble all around me, help me to live with a grateful heart.  Give me eyes to see something other than just my troubles.  Help me to see how You are at work in my life so that I might speak real words of gratitude and not just the platitudes of gratitude.  If I cannot get where I need to be, where You want me to be in the present moment, then, Lord, help me to be moving in the right direction.

Lord, I am grateful for Your help and Your forgiveness.  I know I am not who I have been called to be; yet, You have been faithful to give me mercy, not just once, but again and again.   I know nothing else to say or offer except my deep gratitude.  I would be lost without the way You have led me along through my life and these recent days.  It seems that all I know to do when praying is to say, "Lord, have mercy," and You have and You do.  Thank you, Lord.  Thank You.  Amen."

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