Sunday, October 30, 2016


I have spent a lifetime trying to create images with the spoken word and the written word.  Some might use paint or photography as their medium of creating images, but mine has always been words.  It has been my hope that the words offered would create images which would engage the experience, the creativity, and the imagination of the ones who were listening.  And while I might have some particular image in mind as I speak, it goes without saying that the listeners may see something completely different due to the unique filters which each one of us brings to any given moment.
As I read the first few verses of the 61st Psalm, I found myself fascinated with the images the writer created with his words.  ",,,from the ends of the earth...the rock that is higher than refuge...a strong tower against the enemy...Your tent...the shelter of Your wings..."  Here are inspired words that help us to see things about God in new and different ways.  And, the amazing thing is that the image brought to mind by these words is not likely to be exactly like the one brought to mind by someone else.  Truly, this speaks of the way the inspired Word of God is living, powerful, and something that probes not just the intellect, but the heart as well.
Consider sitting with one of these images for awhile.  Let the chosen image become a point of meditation.  Ask questions such as:  1)  What picture does the image bring to mind, 2) What does the image tell us about God, 3)  How does the image speak to the needs of my own spiritual life.  Of course, there are many questions which might be useful in opening windows to see the wide scope of these images, but these few might help prime the pump.  When our hearts are opened to the Holy Spirit who inspired the Words, glorious views of the Kingdom are brought into view.

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