Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Invitation

Long years ago a pastor friend moved from here to there. He went from a neighboring church in Columbus to one in Texas. From time to time we would connect, but, perhaps, there have been more connecting in the last few years. Recently, Jim shared with me that he was doing a one minute breakaway on a local rock station in Houston. For those who missed the daily inspirational thought, there was an internet subscription. I became a subscriber and after reading a few, I'm glad I did.
I have listed Jim Jackson's blog, "Jim's Daily Awakenings" on my short list of blogs to visit. I invite you to visit the site. Since each entry is designed for a minute, it will not take long, but the thoughts shared will stay with you for a much longer time. Jim is a lover of Jesus and an encourager. You will sense this as you read what he writes.
There are so many ways to be a blessing to others. New ways are opening up to us all every day. How important it is that we stay in touch with the Christ who has changed us into something new so that we miss not a single one of those unfolding opportunities.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rain Makers

It was noon and the church parking lot was mostly full. However, it was today, Thursday, and not Sunday. Had it been Sunday I would have known what was happening. Since it was Thursday, I had to ask and when I did, I discovered the church was having a meeting to pray for rain. If I had known I would have slipped in to add my prayers to theirs instead of continuing on my way.
While some might smile at the naivete of those simple country folks, they model a serious attitude toward drought and prayer. Immediately, our memory of scripture takes us to weather related prayers. Elijah is, perhaps, the first rainmaker who comes to mind. While the written story does not tell us, Noah was likely praying for rain as he was building that boat with the ridicule of neighbors raining down upon him. Of course, Jonah saw more than his share of stormy rain and water. And, then there is Jesus. He walked on the water with storm raging around Him and spoke clear weather into existence.
Today was not the first time a group of those who belonged to God gathered to pray for rain. Neither will it be the last. Tonight as I hear approaching thunder and see flashes of lightning in the distance, I hear myself praying that God will bring the rain closer and soak the dry earth that is all around me.