Friday, September 30, 2016

Another Round

Back in the summer I started a journey through the book of Psalms.  My intention was to use one each day as a part of my devotional time.   Honesty  requires confessing the obvious and that is that I am behind schedule.  There were days I missed going to this collection of prayers.  And, there were Psalms that would not turn me loose for several days.  While I did a similar thing some years ago, this trip has been different in that I have used my blog as a way of sharing some of the ways I have experienced the Word of God as I read these ancient words. 
During the month of July I offered a daily blog for each one of the first 31 Psalms.  Some of those blogs expressed my desire to pray a particular Psalm.  Others were meditations, or poems, or simply a response to what was being read and experienced as the Word of God.  I made a decision not to use any commentaries as I wanted the focus to be more on how the Word of God was being heard as an inspired Word rather than a reflection of research.  Nothing is wrong with commentaries.  I just decided to leave them at home on this journey.
So once again I come to a place of offering another round of reflections on the next 31 Psalms.  Tomorrow I will begin with Psalm 32 and continue through the month of October.  Once again I invite you to share this spiritual journey with me.  First read the Psalm.  Hear the Word as the Spirit speaks to you through the sacred word.  Then, read the blog.  If you would like to share your thoughts on a particular Psalm, click on the word "comment" at the bottom of the blog posting.  Your shared thoughts would greatly add to my experience of this journey through the Psalms.