Friday, October 21, 2016

On the Wheel

"It's on the wheel" is a saying often used and heard around these parts.  The meaning is rather obvious.  "What goes around comes around" is another way of expressing it.  The full of energy young person who has no time for the unsteady slow movement of the elderly may one day find that youthful energy has been replaced by the weakness of a body grown ancient.  Those who have no compassion for the sick may one day find themselves in need of someone's compassion.  Those who carelessly step on others to get to the top will likely find themselves being stepped on by the uncaring ambition of another.  "It's on the wheel" is another way of saying that people often get what they deserve.
The 52nd Psalm announces a surprise for those who figure they have life by the tail.  To those who think they are secure and untouchable, the Word says, "But God will break you down forever, He will snatch and tear you from your tent; He will uproot you from the land of the living."  (Psalm 52:5)  When we choose to take refuge in our abundant riches and seek refuge in them instead of God, we may end up being surprised at how it all ends for us.  I have never known anyone who when dying ask that their bank accounts be emptied and the money placed on the bed with them.  Instead, they chose the family they loved.  Instead of seeking a last minute stock market report, they took comfort in the Word and the prayers of those who cared for them.
There is nothing wrong with wealth.  If we are using the internet, we must consider ourselves one of the world's wealthy.  If we have enough food that we throw some of it away, we must consider ourselves one of the world's wealthy.  There is nothing sinful about living with wealth, but we must also be sure that we understand we immediately become very poor when we trust in it instead of God.

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