Wednesday, December 24, 2014


"I'm waiting, Lord God.  Waiting on Joseph.  He said to wait here.  He said he would be back in a minute and that we would have a room for the night.  So, here I am, Lord God, waiting on that man and a place to rest.  Waiting on a room.  Waiting for this baby to come.  Waiting, Lord God.  Whatever it is You are getting ready to do, I'm waiting on it.  Just hurry, Lord God.  These pains in my belly are tearing me apart.  Just hurry, Lord God, I'm ready.

Seems like I have been waiting forever.  It has got to be time for that child, that boy Your angel spoke to me about.   I never knew nine months could be so long.  It seems more like a lifetime ago.  I've been waiting ever since that night and, Lord God, I am surely waiting now.  It has been a rough trip getting to this place and I am past being tired.  Worn out.  Hungry.  Hurting in every bone in my body.  And, so tired of waiting for this boy to come.  Lord God, if You could hurry things up some,...but, if not, I'm waiting, Lord.

Ah, here he comes.  He does not look too happy.  Just hurry, Lord God.  I have about come to the end of what strength is inside of me.  Hurry, hurry, please, Lord God, hurry."

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