Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Mission

"Gabriel, come walk with Me.  There is someone I want you to see.  Look, there by the well on the edge of Nazareth.  See that young girl with the orange wrap on her head.  Her name is Mary.  She is the one I have chosen.  I have plans for her and I want you to go and tell her.  She is soon to be married to a man named Joseph of the house of David. 
You must remember that seeing you is going to frighten her.  So, speak softly and greet her in My name.  It will mean something to her because she has loved me all her days.  Let her know right away that your being there with her is a good thing.  And then when she is settled down, I want you to tell her that as one favored by Me, she will conceive a son who is to be named Jesus.  She will tell you how impossible it is since she and Joseph have not yet come together physically as one.  At this point you will need to make something very clear.  Let her know the son to be born to her will not be conceived in a normal way, but that through a divine mystery she will become pregnant not by her husband, but by the Holy Spirit.  I know this will be a lot for her to handle so be patient and give her some time to think about what you are saying.  And then as a way of helping her, tell her about your visit with Zechariah.  Tell her about Elizabeth.  Tell her that old Elizabeth is going to have a baby in a few months.  I want her to know so that she can go and see and know that what she is hearing from you is real.
What's that?....Oh, yes, indeed!  She will surely be surprised, but I believe Mary has such faith that she will say, "Yes."  I have a plan.  The land she and Joseph walk is in such need of help.  The people seem to thrive on the darkness.  Too many have lost sight of me.  I love them too much to let them go the wrong way.  The plan I have will give them a way out of the mess they have made.  The plan will give them a Savior, One who will have the power to bring them all back to Me.  Go, Gabriel, go, and do well.  Much depends on what is about to happen."

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