Sunday, December 21, 2014

Lessons from the Wise Men

 l.  Look up, not down.
 2. Travel with like minded people.
 3. Don't live to please powerful people.
 4. Remember the value of worship.
 5. Kneeling is good for everyone, even Kings.
 6. Learn to listen to your inner self.
 7. Be generous.
 8. Allow spontaneous joy in your life.
 9. Familiar roads can be dangerous.
10. Make being in the Presence your goal.
11. Expect God to take you where He promised.
12. Every road traveled with God has unexpected turns.
13.  Sometimes being on time feels like being later.
14.  Don't expect everyone to be happy with what God is doing.
15.  When tempted to quit, keep following the Star.

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