Friday, December 12, 2014

Lessons from Zechariah

 1.   Don't question angels.
 2.   If you want to have children, stay at home.
 3.   Keep praying.
 4.   Expect God in holy places.
 5.   One moment in the presence of God can change your future.
 6.   God uses the normal to accomplish the holy.
 7.   A disciplined life brings spiritual blessings.
 8.   Great things can happen to older people.
 9.   A vision can leave you speechless.
10.  God's granting goes beyond our asking.
11.  No prayer is unheard.
12.  Before quitting, try once more.
13.  God has a sense of humor.
14.  God's plan works in God's time.
15.  When we give up, God is still working.

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