Friday, June 2, 2017

The Underlinings

I have been an avid reader since I discovered books at the Waycross, Georgia public library.  And when the downtown public library was too far away, there was always the school library which had books enough.  Back then it was not an unusual thing for me to slip a library book inside the textbook during class.  A lifetime later I am still reading.  Something is always open.  And if it is a book that has been purchased, I am likely to be underlining sentences or sections that strike me as worthy of a repeated read at a later date. 
Most of the time what I underline has to do with the circumstances of my own life, some point of interest, or maybe a word I want to ponder a little longer.  Some books require more ink than others.  Today as I was reading a book that has been a little more than average, but not one that demanded a hurried return, I came across one of those sentences which sent me searching for my pen.  In such moments I often have a sense that God is leading me into some thinking path that leads to spiritual growth or a different understanding of a poured in concrete attitude.  My pen helps me keep track of those reading points.
For a while I am going to be looking at some of these book underlinings and share them in blogs I will be posting.  I will not only share the words of the author but where those written words take me on my spiritual journey.  Do not look for anything profound unless you are expecting it from the author I will be quoting.  About all you can expect to find from me are some wanderings of the soul as it seeks to listen to the Holy Spirit.  I take no responsibility for the profound, only the verbage. 

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