Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Early Rising

Some time ago, though not as long ago as I would like to report, I came to a place of realizing that I needed to start rising early in the morning to spend time in prayer with God.  Not being one who thought of himself as an early riser, I had put off this decision for some time.  As is the case with anything we want to do, or want to avoid doing, justification is easy.  So, I told myself that there was nothing which could not be done at some time other than in the early morning hours.  And while such may not be true for everyone, it was a poor choice for me.  I was wrong.  Prayer and time alone with God works better for me in the morning, more so than any other time of the day.
I have often wondered why it works this way for me.  Maybe it is the fact that early prayers require an intentional commitment.  It is not a matter of convenience.  There is only one reason which is getting me up at some ungodly hour.  The early rising speaks of some sacrifice.  Maybe it is not the kind of sacrifice which goes with martyrdom, but still it speaks of some in my life.  But, most of all it enables me to come before the Father with the awareness that He is the reason I have chosen not to sleep an extra hour. 
So, my underlining what E.M. Bounds wrote in his book, "Prayer" should be no surprise. "More time and early hours devoted to prayer would revive and invigorate many a decayed spiritual lifeMore time  and early hours for prayer would be manifest in holy living.  A holy life would not be so rare or difficult a thing if our devotions were not short and hurried....We live shabbily because we pray meagerly."  One thing I have come to desire is meaningful time alone with God.  Getting to it first thing has proven to be the best way to accomplish this spiritual goal.  Anyone struggling might find it worth their time to experiment with early rising for prayer.

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