Monday, June 19, 2017


I have never been a fan of books filled with sermons.  I always figured my book money could be put to better use.  I started out with some books of sermons by some of the more well known preachers of an earlier day, but never enlarged that section of my personal library.  I guess I heard enough sermons when I preached on Sunday morning to last a life time.  However, when I retired, I kept running into references to Charles Spurgeon, a prominent English preacher of the 19th century.  Since he was spoken of as the "Prince of Preachers," I figured I might break my rule, spend a little money, and read some of his sermons. 

The book I bought is entitled "The Essential Works of Charles Spurgeon."  I have been reading it now and again for the last two years.  At 1400 pages it would make a long read for one sitting!  I can see why he is so highly regarded as a preacher.  Even his written sermons preach.  One of my underlinings from his sermons reads, "You are not allowed to halve the scriptures and to believe what you please.  You are not allowed to believe the scriptures with halfheartedness, for if you do this willfully, you have not the faith that looks alone to Christ.  True faith gives its full assent to the scriptures.  It takes a page and says, 'No matter what is in the page, I believe it.' "

The truth is that we live in a "pick and choose" day.  We pick what we want to read from the sacred Word and then decide whether we will accept it or not.  Many of our day read the Bible not as an authoritative Word from God because they read it with the false idea that their own value system determines the authority it has for our living.  If it agrees with the common consensus of the day, then it has value, and if not, then it is disregarded as irrelevant and out-of-date.  What an idea!  The Word of God that has stood for all generations is now out-of-date.  How important some folks must regard themselves as being!

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