Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Fixed Point

If we live more than a day or two, we are going to be overwhelmed and nearly devastated by some of the things thrown at folks like you and me.  Death of a loved one.  Divorce.  Cancer.  Losing a job.  Disability.  Tornado, earthquake, or whatever you want to name it, but live long enough and it will come.  At some point in life, we all walk through what we know as deep darkness.  There is nothing we can do to avoid the darkness, it just happens.  Not to some, but to everyone.
And if you are anything like me, when it does you will rant and rail against it.  If you are even a bit like me, you may shake your fist in the air at God and tell Him that He can take a hike for all the good He is doing.  If like me, you may even feel that the darkness means that God has lifted His love from you.  In the book, "Moving Mountains," John Eldredge wrote a word that sent me scurrying for my pen.  "You should not, must not, please, please do not evaluate the loving kindness of God toward you by the swirling tornado of events--especially by whether or not He seems to be answering the prayer at hand."
I have, of course, done exactly what he says not do.  Maybe you have as well.  The author goes on to tell those who read his words to evaluate God's love, not according to circumstances, but only according to the cross.  No matter the darkness, look to the Man hanging on the cross to see the love and the heart of God.  If we look anywhere else but Calvary, we look in the wrong place.  Like the North Star, it is the constant of the universe that always keeps us focused and moving toward the true love that God has for each one of us.

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