Sunday, June 4, 2017

In His Image

It is important to understand who we are in our relationship with God.  And, the beginning of that understanding is surely in scripture.  The Word tells us that we are created male and female, but still in His image.  It also tells us that from the beginning humanity was given dominion over every living thing, every animal that creeps, or flies, or moves in any other way.  A little less than the angels is how the Psalmist set it down.  So, we may be of the animal kingdom, but we are not just an animal, but something more.
One of my underlinings in "New Seeds of Contemplation"  (Thomas Merton) is, "A tree gives glory to God by being a tree.  For in being what God meant it to be is obeying Him....But, what about you?  Unlike the animals and the trees, it is not enough for us to be what our nature intends.  It is not enough for us to be individual men....God leaves us free to be whatever we like."  An animal of prey kills to eat, but it kills not because it is evil, only out of instinct to survive.  We are not like those animals over which we have dominion.  We are made with the ability to know right and wrong, good and evil.  We bring glory to God as we understand this fundamental difference and embrace it in our lifestyle in such a way that our life becomes one where the goodness of God is chosen.

What we are made to be is a man or a woman rightly related to our Creator God and to our brothers and sisters as well.  Not just mere humans are we, but creations that are being made ready for eternity with God.  Anything less is to fail to understand who we are and why we were created.  We can choose God and the way of His Kingdom and bring glory to the One who brought us into being, or we can choose some other way and call attention to ourselves and what we think is important which will surely carry us as far the cemetery, but no farther. 

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