Monday, June 12, 2017

A Prayer for Today

"Father God, I want to thank You today for sending Your Son to walk and live among us.  Since He was here with us, I can be sure You know what it is to walk in some of the hard places we all end up walking.  When we feel alone and bewildered, it is reassuring to finally come back to the place of knowing You are not only alongside through Your Spirit, but have also walked this way in the flesh.  The truth is that I am not sure making it would be possible without this Presence of Yours.
You hear our prayers of desperation.  Mine included.  They come from a heart seeking what seems impossible but also from a spirit that clings to that Word of Yours telling us that with You nothing is impossible.  Everything is possible.   Hanging on to that truth is not always easy, but folks like me cling to it like it is the breath needed for life itself.
Thanks for being with me today.  Thanks for those who have cared enough to pray in my behalf.  Thanks for creating a world such as You have made.  It may have some ugly stuff in it, but the ugly stuff is never overshadowed by the marvelous beauty and goodness You have also put around me.  In the midst of the hard times, thanks for Your mercy.  Amen."

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Yoon said...

Thanks for the beautiful prayer. I need it deeply.