Monday, May 8, 2017

Who is Listening?

We make a mistake if we think God only calls those who are ordained, or who go to mission fields, or some other set apart ministry.  The truth is that God has a use for all of us.  Every one of us.  Me?  Yes.  You? Yes.  Each of us.  We also err if we figure that when God calls it is for a lifetime.  While such is certainly true for some, there are others who are called to serve God in a particular moment for a specific purpose.  There are things that will not be accomplished and people who will not be loved unless each one of us understands that we have been placed in a place different from any other person in the world.  And, we are in that place for a reason. 
We must, therefore, grow ears to hear the voice of God.  It is not a question of "if" He speaks to us, but "when" He speaks to us.  His speaking to us about something that needs doing is a certain thing.  The only uncertainty in the equation is our ability to hear and our willingness to act on what we hear.  I remember reading a long time ago a writer of spiritual encouragement who suggested that every day we should pray, "Lord, what can I do for You today?  I am available if there is something You want me to do."  Two things are evident with this prayer.  One, we are giving God the green light to include us in what He wants to do.  And, secondly, it raises our sense of expectation as we go our way.

When God calls us to partner with Him in His daily stuff, it may not be grandiose things that will earn us a round of applause, or a big pat on the back.   In fact, no one may notice.  What we do may go unseen by our peers, but then, we do not respond to God to be seen by others.  We do what we do for the sake of the call and because of our desire to serve Him.  When He sees how we are responding to His call on our life, no more is really needed.  If He sees, it is enough.

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