Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Extraordinary Cucumber

Gardening is one of the things we have always done.  At our first pastoral appointment, we planted gardens.  Before we left that appointment, we planted a Spring garden for the preacher who was coming to where we were.  It was not quite ready for harvest on moving day, but it was ok.  Such was the plan.  When I saw the guy who followed me a few weeks after moving day, I asked him about the garden and he said, ""I don't know.  We don't do gardens."  So, that was the last garden we planted for someone else.
Every place we were assigned, we had a garden.  Actually, my wife has the green thumb.  I just try to do what I am told.  Today I was out in the garden picking squash and cucumbers.  I got sidetracked.  I thought I would help the cucumber vine climb the wire fence put there for that purpose when I noticed it needed no help.  The vine was attaching itself around the wire.  It was firmly attached and not going anywhere but up.  For a few minutes I stood there forgetting why I was standing beside the cucumber vine. 
It is not just the big beautiful sunsets or the rising full moons which show us the marvelous handiwork of our Creator God.  The little things are truly amazing and reveal as much about His care for the created order as the big things painters strive to capture.  Of course, we all know it is the nature of vines to climb.  It is what they do best.  They do it best because they were made that way.  The God who made the sunsets also made the cucumber vine.  Both proclaim His glory in a way consistent with how they were made.  Is anything more expected of you and me?

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