Sunday, May 7, 2017

God's Call

When God's call is heavy upon someone and they choose to live in obedience to it, those who watch may not declare their sainthood.  Instead, they may speak of their irrational behavior, or the way they have misunderstood what God was saying to them.  More than one well meaning soul has looked a God called person in the eye and said, "God would not tell you do such a thing."  And while it is true that some of the irrational things we want to do we will justify by declaring it to be of God, it is always dangerous for the one not hearing the calling to assume absolute knowledge about what God is doing in another person's life.
I remember a young woman who picked up a homeless woman on her way to work one morning and then did so for a long time developing a surprising relationship with her.  "God told me to do it," was what she said.  Her friends said, "I would never do such a thing. It's dangerous!"  Years ago  a friend who was called to be a missionary finally saw his dream fulfilled and took his wife and small children with him and before it was over, he was fleeing the distant land midst gunfire and threats on all their lives.  "Why would anyone do such a thing?" some surely asked.  And numerous times have I seen folks quit promising careers in midstream because God was calling them to some ministry.  Sometimes life can only be explained by the call of God.
It does not always make sense, particularly to those watching.   Sometimes it does not make sense to the one being called.  But, God does not always frame His call around logic and what we might call common sense.  He hears the cries of people in need, sees folks in distress, and dares to ask, "Who will go?"  And some who hear, dare to go.  It is not really so complicated.  Just ask someone who feels the hand of God's call heavy on their lives.

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