Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What No One Knows

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John could not have imagined that the words they were writing would be read with awe and reverence over 2000 years after they wrote them.  The wrote for a specific group of people in a small piece of time.  They were not writing for the world, or the ages.  And, if such is true, then think for a moment about those who wrote the words we know today as the Old Testament writings.  Wow!  None of them could have imagined such a readership!  Yet, here we are all these centuries later still being inspired and renewed and instructed in the ways of God by these saints from so long ago.

It reminds us that what is done for God is not just done for the moment, but for the ages.  Just as we can look back and see the faces and know the names of those faithful folks from our more immediate past, so dare we look ahead with the assurance that our present faith will leave its imprint and influence on those to come.  It may be that our life is such that we can catch a glimpse of what that means as we look at how our children are responding to God's call on their lives, or how some friends are moving in a direction far different from the direction they were moving before our paths intersected.

Our name may not be written on the pages of history as are the Biblical writers or some of the saints who have walked behind them, but ahead of us, yet, God is using each one of us to write a story that does not begin with us, nor will it end with us.  Long after we are gone, the seeds being planted in the present moment will bear fruit not because of who we are, but because the Holy Spirit is working to transform the seed into fruit for the Kingdom of God.  What we cannot know, He does know and forever and always He works to carry what has been started forward. 

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