Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Not Me, Lord.

Anyone who reads the Scripture has to love the call story of Moses.  It is a classic.  It is so much like anyone of us.  "Yes Sir, all that is true.  Those people really are suffering back in Egypt.  Glad You are finally getting around to noticing," Moses might have said as God was telling him about hearing the cries of His people in bondage.  But, when God said, "And Moses, I want you to go for Me and do something about it," old Moses must have broke out in a cold sweat and suddenly grew a knot in the pit of his stomach.  Sounds a bit too familiar, does it not?
Moses who was comfortable where he was and who had never really thought about being the savior of the enslaved Hebrews suddenly thought of a host of reasons why he should not go, but stay.  The story is told in great detail in the 3rd chapter of Exodus.  His first excuse sounds like, "Lord, I don't even know Your name.  No one is going to pay any attention to me."  When that one did not work, he tried another.  "No one is going to believe this thing here at the burning bush."  Next he tried a most familiar one.  "Lord, I am just not a public speaker."  With nothing working, Moses pleaded, "Lord, get someone else."  Suddenly Moses realized he had kindled the anger of the Lord.  Deciding the anger of the Lord was worse than Pharaoh's wrath, he decided to do as he was being told.

Surely, one of the things about which the Moses' story reminds us is that God does not give up on us easily.  He can be quite persistent about calling us to partner with Him in some work.  If we come up with some excuse, He may not give it the attention we think it deserves.  And, the other side of it is that our excuses leave us with a sense of uneasiness and restlessness.  It is no small thing to say "no" to God.  We should always remember that His call speaks of His trust in us to share with Him in making a difference in something important to His heart.

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