Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Book

While reading the Bible, Christian, the main character in John Bunyan's "The Pilgrim's Progress" discovers that the city in which he lives is destined for destruction.  Though a life long resident of this city doomed for destruction, he did not know its fate until he read the Book.  After reading the Book, he knows not what to do, but knows he must do something.  Though those around him thought he had suddenly been taken by insanity, Christian knows he must act and it is this holy unrest in his life which opens him up to the journey which is before him.

The Book has set many a person off on a journey.  History tells us about the impact the Book has had on the likes of Augustine, Luther, John Wesley, Charles Spurgeon, and a host of others.  Our own life has brought us into contact with countless folks whose lives have been re-directed by their exposure to the Word most commonly known as The Bible.  And, we join all of these as being one whose life has been greatly impacted by the Words written by men, but inspired by the work of the Holy Spirit. Even before I became a professing believer in Christ, I was reading it giving it  permission to soak into my heart. 
One of the things I have learned to believe about this spiritual journey is that it must be undergirded with a continued exposure to the holy Word.  A spiritual life may gets its impetus from a single experience, but experiences cannot sustain for what is ahead.  The Word is not excess baggage for the faithful pilgrim, but something absolutely necessary.  Some days we live as if reading it is not the "bread and water" needed for life, but in those moments, we are always wrong.  Read it.  Let it soak in the inner places of the heart.  Allow its power to do it work.

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