Monday, April 3, 2017

The Journey

The Lenten season is always associated with the final journey of Jesus to Jerusalem.  The first three gospel writers all start the journey with the Mt. of Transfiguration and end it on another high place called Calvary.   The gospel writer Luke notes the beginning of this final journey with his words written in Luke 9:51 which speak of Jesus setting His face to go to Jerusalem.  It is for Jesus a moment filled with the decision of not turning away, not turning back, but going steadfastly forward to what He knows awaits Him at the cross.  There is a sense of urgency heavy upon Him as He walks toward the city and His sacrifice.
It is not a moment for what we sometimes call "dilly-dallying."  Those who did not want to get with the program were left behind.  The program was going to Jerusalem to die for the purposes of His Father.  Those who were not willing to go along with their mind set on accomplishing the will of the Father in heaven were deemed as unfit for the journey and the Kingdom.  The will of the Father always involves setting aside our own agenda for the agenda of the Kingdom.  It always means that the ego in us which has grown so accustomed to sitting on the throne of our life no longer has such a valued place in our life.  In fact it has no place at all alongside of serving God and being a servant of others in the world. 
These Lenten days are days for us to decide again if we really want to walk this way that Jesus walked.  He is always beckoning us to come along where He is going, but it is never the way that nurtures ego, but the way that calls us to put ego aside so that we be an instrument of service in the hands of God.  If such is the goal of our heart, then we have a place on the road behind Him.  Otherwise, we need not think about signing up for the journey. 

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