Monday, April 17, 2017

Not Fair

God is not fair.  No where in the Bible does it tell us God is fair.  Jesus told a parable about a man who paid the workers who worked all day the same amount he paid the ones who came to the job just before the day was done.  No fairness in that parable.  And, of course, the Word also tells us that the rain falls on the just and the unjust meaning that no one gets any breaks or special privileges.  Maybe there is some fairness in impartiality, but in nothing else. 
Expecting fairness from God implies that our behavior merits favor.  Because we do certain things, or because we have made certain commitments, God should treat us differently than He does those who view Him with a callous and indifferent spirit.  It seems to us that it is only fair that there is some correlation between how we live and how God treats us.  But, the truth we have discovered is that this rule of cause and effect does not apply in our relationship with God.  He does not act according to fairness.
We may not get a fair shake from God as we think we should, but what we do get is mercy.  Who among us would not rather have mercy than fairness?  Fair treatment means that what I get is up to me.  Mercy means what I get is up to God.  No smart person would ask God to give them what they deserve.  The Bible makes it very clear that no one, not even you and me, are without sin.  None of us are righteous.  If we believe this is true, we certainly do not want God to be fair.  What we really want is for Him to be merciful.  What do we really prefer?  A God who acts with fairness, or One who relates to us out of mercy?  

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