Friday, April 21, 2017

Not An Option

While we might want to peak under the eastern horizon to see what is coming, we know it is not an option.  We can see behind us with so much clarity, but when it comes to looking ahead, there is simply nothing but what can only be known as the unknown.  Despite this truth and our acceptance of it, we still live trying to control what is going to happen to us. We not only try, but we spend great amounts of time and energy to pave the way for a smooth landing on tomorrow's surfaces. 
One Word the Bible teaches us is that one day's trouble is enough for today.  Perhaps, this can be interpreted in different ways, but surely one of the most obvious is that it is wise to live in the present moment.  When we fail to live in the present moment, we not only miss out on the good things which could be happening with the people we love, but we also put ourselves in position to miss out on the blessings God is seeking to pour out upon us.  After all, the only moment God blesses is the present moment. 
To live always looking toward tomorrow is an understandable thing.  Sometimes we do it not for reason of control, but as a way of escaping what seems to be the unbearable circumstances of our present moment.  It is in some ways an expression of hope.  Today is so bad that tomorrow has to be better so let it come and come quickly.  God is in the business of being with us in those unbearable moments in our life.  When the darkness is the deepest and the pain is the greatest, He can be counted on to be present.  Tomorrow is not necessary to have Him with us to comfort, encourage, strengthen, and get us through.  He will do it today.  Count on it.  Live expecting it.  And be thankful, too.

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