Thursday, April 20, 2017

From Point A

It would seem when you read "Pilgrim's Progress" by John Bunyan, that the spiritual journey goes from Point A to Point B.  In Bunyan's allegory Point A would be the City of Destruction and Point B would be the Celestial City.  Point A to Point B.  But, as any reader knows it was not such a journey.  Another appropriate prototype for the journey would be the Hebrews journeying from the land of slavery to the land of promise.  No Point A to Point B trip in that story.  It is no different with any of us as we reflect on the story of our journey.
As I think back over mine, I remember my baptism at age 9.  But, I was almost 18 before I really made what would count for a positive response to Jesus that had any permanence about it.  I have often thought I got the cart before the horse, but maybe there was some design in it all.  I am convinced that most of us are not on a straight line journey toward God.  My experience is full of getting sidetracked and running off on tangents that mattered very little.  About the only thing constant has been my staying set on moving toward God.  Of course, sometimes it did not seem too evident!  Spiritual journeys are messy.  They are full of stumbles and falls.  But, as in Bunyan's allegory, they carry us toward where God wants us to be.
For sure our journey of faith is not one we could have planned, or even imagined.  As we have put ourselves on our course paved with grace and mercy, we have encountered other sojourners who have challenged us to follow even though the road was full of surprising twists and unexpected turns.  At every turn something new is before us, something not yet seen and never before experienced.  We think we are moving toward God on our journey, but the truth is that He is with us along the way.

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