Saturday, July 23, 2016

Praying the 23rd Psalm

"Lord, I cannot help but wonder about myself.  Why is it that I must be made to lie down in green pastures?  Why must I be led into the still waters?  And, why must I be led in paths of righteousness?  Why is it that I cannot make the sensible choices for myself?  Why must I be made and led?  Why is it necessary?  Why is it that I cannot do the thing which makes sense without You making me and leading me?  What is there about me that requires me to live so dependent on You to put me in the right places?  Why can I not get there on my own? 
Am I really so much like a sheep?  Dependent on a shepherd to get me what I need.  Do I not pay attention to where I am?  Am I so blinded by taking the next bite that I pay no attention to the places my feet are taking me?  Am I living so aimlessly that I have no sense of danger lurking around me?  Am I really so vulnerable  to preying powers that mean me harm?  Am I really so guided by the herd instinct that I cannot make the good choices for myself?   Am I really like those smelly sheep who live so unmindful of the world around them?
But, Lord, the most important question is this:  Are You really the Good Shepherd?  Are You really looking out for my best interest?  Are You really working constantly to keep the good in my life?  Are You the One I can count on for provision, security, and safety?  Are You who You say You are?
I know the answer to the first question about myself.  I know I am prone to make wrong choices and be led to places dangerous to my soul.  And, I know, too, the answer to the second question.  The One about You.  You are dependable.  You are One upon Whom I can count and depend.  As sure as I know I am as needy as those sheep so do I know You are going to be there for me, and I thank You."

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