Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Praying the 13th Psalm

"Lord, when is long long enough?  Do You know how long I have waited?  Do You know how long I have pleaded for just some sign that You are looking my way?  Do you know, Lord?  It seems like it has been longer than forever.  It seems like this time of trouble has no beginning and no end; yet, still I am searching the heavens for You.  Lord, please come quickly lest the trouble overcome me and all that is held as precious is lost.
Surely, You know, Lord, how I wait for You to answer.  Even in the midst of the moment when there is no sign of Your presence, I turn my eyes toward heaven waiting for a word that speaks to me of mercy.  Surely, You are not choosing to be silent.  Surely, You are speaking; yet, my heart is somehow unable to hear.  Give light to my eyes.  Consider my plight.  Increase my patience, my sense of sureity in Your goodness, and my faithfulness that Your healing power will prevail.
Even in this day when my heart seems empty of Your presence and full of Your silence do I trust in You.  I can do no other.  I could not live a day without trust in You and Your goodness.  I trust You now, Lord.  I trust You to prevail.  Even when everything around me speaks of You being overcome do I trust in You.  Come, Lord.  Come and put singing words in my heart again.  Come, Lord, and give me a song of trust to sing.  Come."

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