Monday, July 18, 2016

I Love You

It matters not how many years we have lived in a marriage relationship, it matters not how well we know each other because of all those shared years and experiences, it matters not how many children surround us, it is still an important thing to actually say  "I love you" to the person to whom we are married. Not matter how many times we heard it yesterday, it is good to hear it today.  Most people would agree that there is something special missing in a marriage when those simple words are seldom, or perhaps, never said.  Knowing we are loved does not take the place of hearing those three words.
It is strange that those three key words in a relationship are often missing in our relationship with God.  When was the last time you just sat or knelt before the Father God and said over and over again, "Lord, I love you."  Have you ever wondered if what is assumed in our relationship with Him needs to be said?  Do you think He might take delight in hearing us say, "Lord, I love you."  In the first words of the 18th Psalm, David prays, "I love you, O Lord..."  Simple and profound. We often sing songs with the congregation of the people of God about our love for Him, but not nearly enough do we simply stay before Him intentionally expressing that we love Him.
The Psalms have always reminded us that there are many doors through which we can walk to experience the holy as we pray.  Try this one today.  Come before God for no other reason except to speak of your love for Him.  Bring no petitions.  Bring no instructions.  Bring no burdens.  Just be with Him allowing the words, "Lord, I love you" to soak into your soul and His heart.  Bless the Lord.

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