Monday, January 23, 2017

Worship Moments

Some encounters with Jesus take us into powerful moments of worship.  Have you ever been driving along listening to and singing with some Christian song on the radio?  And, then all of a sudden, you realize you are not just singing, but it is as if Jesus has entered the car with you and a moment of His presence is full upon you.  The singing suddenly becomes more than just a spiritual sing-a-long, but a moment as full of worship as any time ever experienced in the holy sanctuary.  Sometimes we come to our journey's end too soon and we simply sit and sing from our hearts until the song is over, or maybe, in some cases, we just pull off the road and worship the person of Christ who is suddenly with us in an overpowering way.
When I read the first part of the 12th chapter of John, I wonder if it might have been something like that for Mary.  Did she know Jesus was coming for a visit?  Did she plan to break out the costly perfume made of pure nard and anoint Him?  If she did, it is not likely she discussed it with her pragmatic sister who would have surely poured cold water on such an extravagant and wasteful thing.  Did she know ahead of His coming to her home what she was going to do?  It seems more likely that this moment was unplanned.  It seems more likely it was a spontaneous act of love and adoration that came from an overwhelmed heart.  Sometimes this is exactly where our encounters with Jesus take us.
What a blessed moment those times are for us.  One minute we are overwhelmed by the things of the world and the next moment we find ourselves being overcome by the glories of the presence of Christ.  The Word says that Mary's home was filled with the fragrance of that expensive perfume she sacrificed for Him.  In those moments of unplanned worship that we experience, we often find that the place where we are is filled to overflowing with the fragrance of our praise to Him.  What blessed moments!

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