Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Glimpse into the Future

Some mornings there is more to see from the front porch than ever could have been imagined.  Things that are present and, sometimes, things that belong to the years to come.  Such a moment came the other morning after I saw those tire tracks across the hayfield.  When I looked in the other direction, I saw the tractor shelter I built some ten years ago.  The biggest thing I had ever built was a dog house so when I finished the tractor shelter, it seemed like a skyscraper in comparison.  While I only had one tractor it was built big enough for three and when it was finished I must confess to a measure of pride in accomplishment.
As my gaze turned from the tractor shelter, my attention settled on a pile of old wood and tin which spoke of a old barn built long decades ago, but now only a pile of rubble waiting for someone to clean up. In a flash I looked back at the thing I built and saw its future and mine.  One day it, too, will be a pile of rubble for someone to clean up and when that happens, I will be only a memory.  Our life is fragile thing.  Even if we live a hundred years or more, it is still just a drop in the bucket as time goes and not even that much as far as goes eternity.
But, still there is no need to fret and worry.  Instead, rightly viewing the permanance of our things and the limited nature of our years can be a catalyst for using the time given to us by God with a greater degree of faithfulness.  Tomorrow is not to be taken for granted.  The old timers had it right when they said, "Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today."  Living rightly in the present with those around  us is not something we need to put off, we need to get to it today.  And, living rightly with God, the One who has given us these years and the promise of eternity, surely takes precedence over every other issue of our life.  Living rightly is what the Word of God is talking about when it speaks of righteousness.  When living rightly with others and God is done, our trip through the years is not wasted.

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