Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Unknown Child

He was just a boy.  Not even given a name in the Scripture, but his generosity was not unnoticed by the Holy Spirit as He inspired John to write his gospel.  Better preachers than I have speculated about how Andrew became privy to the fact that this one boy in a crowd of over 5000 had a packed lunch with him.  All we know is that he left home that morning with a few loaves of bread and a couple of fish.  By the time Andrew shows up, the bread is surely hard and the fish cold.  Not much of a meal except for a hungry boy.
But, there is one other thing we know as well.  The boy was willing to give up what was in his lunch bag that day.  Not part of it, but all of it.  When he gave it over, it was his last hope for something to settle his growling stomach, but in his presence Andrew told Jesus, "..the boy here has five barley loaves and two fish..."  (John 6:9)  When Jesus reached for it, the thing was done.  Whatever he had that Jesus wanted belonged to Jesus.  It was just that simple.  No doubt when he gave it away, he expected nothing but hunger in the afternoon.  It could not have even imagined that some of it would come back to his hands, fill his stomach, and satisfy over 5000 other folks as well.  It simply was not the kind of things a boy could figure out for himself. 
His response to Jesus was not to question, but to give.  He did not consider the impossibility of the suggestion that was in the air.  He did not whine, "What about me?"  He just pulled out that bit of food so that it could be placed in the hands of Jesus.  It is no wonder the Spirit said to John, "Be sure to tell the boy's story."  Indeed, there is much to learn from the children who stand in the presence of Jesus and do nothing but just take Him at His word.  If Jesus needed what he had, nothing else mattered.  And so, he gave, not some, but he gave it all.  No childlike foolishness here, just childlike trust. 

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