Monday, January 9, 2017


So many of us in whom Christ abides have such low expectations.  Perhaps, there has been some moment of spiritual disappointment when we expected Jesus to do something other than what He did, or did not do in our life.  It could also be true that we do not even expect Him to do something as common and needful as providing daily bread because we see ourselves as the one who does the providing for our lives and those of our family.  Whatever the reason, many of our prayers end up being half-hearted and empty of any real expectations that prayer is going to make a difference.
The Capernaum official mentioned in the later verses of the fourth chapter of John was not afflicted with low expectations.  His son was dying.  When he heard that Jesus was near, he went begging and pleading for his son's life.  Many of us can understand his desperate prayers.  He knew it was either Jesus acting or his son dying.  When Jesus told him to go home and that his son would be well, he went.  There was no more pleading from him.  He did not say, "Are You sure?  How about coming with me just in case he is still sick?  This long distance healing is not what I had in mind.  Won't You come to my home with me?"  He went expecting Jesus to make a difference and he left convinced that his expectations had been realized.
If we are in need of a spiritual role model to encourage us and point us in the right way today, then surely this Capernaum father stands as a Word sent from God.  He reminds us not to let our desperation be greater than our expectations.  It may be that Jesus is not going to respond as we might tell Him, but His response is certain.  We should expect no less from this One who has proven His love for us by dying for us.  Whatever it is we face, He is the One, the Only One, who can be counted on to get us through the desperate stuff to the good stuff He has in His heart to give us. 

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