Friday, March 6, 2015

Watchers or Walkers

If the tax collectors and sinners wondered what God thought of them, their reason for wondering was taken away that day when Jesus taught the parables about the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost son. (Luke 15:1 ff.)  While He may have really had the grumbling self-righteous Pharisees in the cross-hair, these society called the unrighteous were listening.  What they heard was a verbal assurance that heaven rejoices when just one lost sinner repents.
Perhaps, this is why the unlikely ones were drawn to Jesus.  He did not mince words.  He did not speak with such ambiguity that sinners wondered what He was saying.  From Jesus they heard preaching and teaching which told them that God would not tolerate unrighteous sin in His presence, but they also heard this powerful word of divine love which assured them of a place.  It is not an easy road to walk, but such is where Jesus walked as He walked toward the cross.  Thus, we find ourselves with a choice.  We can be those who watch the journey.  Or, we can choose to become walkers on the journey. 
To participate in this Lenten journey requires honesty about who we are.  If we sense no desperation when we find ourselves in His presence, then it is likely we are still holding on to something we deem more precious than life in and with Christ.  A desperate follower is more likely to become a repentant follower who is beginning to see the cost of personal sin.  The cross is growing in view before us.  The longer we stay on the Lenten journey, the larger it becomes.  And the repentant follower is also the one who is beginning to understand the power of the love of the Christ who is preparing to climb the hill and be nailed to the cross so that our sins can be counted as naught before the Almighty Father.  

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