Monday, March 2, 2015

The Dinner Guest

Jesus was not the only one invited to dinner by the Pharisee.  But, then there is no surprise in the Pharisee's decision to have something more than a private dinner with Jesus.  The Pharisee was the kind of guy who did things big and never small.  One of those invited was a lawyer.  It is obvious that the lawyer was eavesdropping on the verbal clash between Jesus and their host, the Pharisee.  But, the lawyer would not just be a mere eavesdropper, he had to speak, "Teacher," he said to Jesus, "when you say these things, you insult us, too."

Divine truth always assaults the ego.  Divine truth always brings us to a place of conviction.  Such is not a place frequented by the human ego.  Some of us are able to recognize conviction for what it is.  God has not given up on us yet.  The Holy Spirit is at work in our heart.  However, others see conviction not for what it is, but instead receive it as a personal assault on the ego which demands to be cared for, loved, protected, and always put  on a pedestal.  Such is surely why the lawyer felt insulted by the candid honesty of Jesus.

Beware being in the presence of Jesus and feeling insulted by what He saying.  When we hear ourselves being quick to defend a questionable action, or justifying wandering unholy thoughts, or when we hear ourselves questioning Jesus' ability to understand how it is for us, then we may be responding to the Word of the Lord in the same way as did that insulted dinner guest.  When we read what Jesus had to say to the lawyer, we quickly realize that being in his shoes is not a good place to be.

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