Monday, March 9, 2015

The Thankful One

When Jesus told those ten lepers, "Go and show yourselves to the priests." He was directing them down the road of being accepted by the larger healthy community.  A healed leper needed to be declared healed by a priest before he could re-join society.  While some measure of obedience sent them down the road toward the priests, a healthy does of desperation caused them to hurry along the way.
As they walked each started noticing subtle differences in the color of their skin.  And as each looked around, it was obvious that one leper's experience was the experience of all of them.  The healing for which they had hoped when they cried out to Jesus for mercy was taking place before their very eyes.  If ever ten men danced and jumped and shouted in the middle of the road, it was those men.  When one of the group suggested they retrace their steps and catch up with Jesus to thank Him, the wild celebration in the road turned silent.  "Ah, He has gone too far.  Remember how He hardly stopped to speak to us," said one.  Another spoke up and his voice carried the day, "Nah, let's get some wine and put on an all nighter before we each go our separate way."  And so nine went one way and one turned back to find Jesus.
All along the way to Calvary, Jesus had received refusal and rejection from Samaritans.  Now, one, overloaded with thanksgiving, puts everything aside to seek Him.  Those who would have been expected to return with praise and thanksgiving were no where to be found.  Only the unlikely Samaritan came to find Jesus and fall at His feet.  When Jesus responded to the thankful Samaritan who was no longer a leper, He taught disciples then and now not to judge a book by its cover, not to count the worth of a person by outward appearance, but only by the heart.

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