Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Better Ones

On the road to Jerusalem, Jesus taught in village synagogues.  In Jerusalem, He taught in the Temple.  Not surprisingly, there were those present who questioned His right to do so.  "Tell us, by what authority are You doing these things?  Who is it who gives You the authority?"  (Luke 20:2)  These chief priests and elders who challenged Him saw themselves as those better suited, more qualified, more learned, and more righteous than the young rabbi from Nazareth.  As far as they were concerned , He had no right to speak when they were in the room.

The church has always seemed to be afflicted with people who see themselves as better than most.  There are always those present who see themselves as having more and being better qualified when it comes to knowing the right course of action, or being able to identify the real leaders.  This does not necessarily mean they are less spiritual for even the most spiritual fall prey to the temptation of thinking too highly of themselves.  Too many leaders in the church have no interest in washing feet.  Leave that to others for they are suited for better things.

I remember a time when I knelt before the Almighty as a disgruntled pastor, angry over being appointed to a particular place.  As I dared to be like Job and go one-on-one with the One who called me, I told Him, "I deserve better.  I deserve a better church than this!"  And when I finished my tirade, I heard from somewhere deep inside a Word coming forth which finally said, "You don't deserve any place!"  And so like Job, I hushed.  May we all be thankful we get from God not what we deserve, but grace and then more grace, and then even more grace.

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