Thursday, February 9, 2017

Holy Pages

I have been reading an author lately who is a real advocate for keeping a journal.  As I read what he is writing, I find myself wishing I had been involved in this discipline all my life.  But, the truth is, such has not happened.  There have been periods of time when I did some journal writing, but sporadic is more the word to describe it than disciplined.  My memory is not always dependable to help me remember where I was on this spiritual journey at past moments of my life.  Being able to read what I had written back then would no doubt shed new light on who I really was and what I was really like instead of depending on this faulty memory which tends to make me look better than I actually might have been.
I actually set aside a notebook of blank pages at the beginning of the year for this exact purpose, but it still remains a sporadic exercise.  I tell myself I am not sure what to write.  I think what I keep looking for is something that is going to be profound and extraordinary which means I am forgetting that God is one who keeps revealing Himself in the ordinary, even mundane moments, of my life.  Or, maybe I am too lazy to have the attentiveness that is necessary to really experience fully the presence of God's kingdom being worked out in and around me. 
Still, like any considered spiritual discipline, I sense in my spirit that there is something important going on with this divine beckoning.  There are many windows through which the Holy Spirit can move into our lives and surely the discipline of journaling is just another one.  And, then there is the matter of obedience.  Divine beckoning is a call to act and not acting speaks of not being interested in what God may be wanting to do in my life.  The only way to know for sure is to start filling in those set apart blank pages.  Set apart.  Another word for holy.  Maybe there is something holy about those empty pages.

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