Friday, February 24, 2017

Hear the Trumpets Blowing

Paul's letter to the Romans is a must read for every believer. Sometimes we are a bit slow in getting there because it seems too heavy.  There is no narrative to carry us from beginning to end.  But, once we really get to reading, we start hearing the trumpets blowing.  Particularly is this the case in the 8th chapter of this letter.  It is full of the powerful sounds of trumpets blowing in the air.  The trumpets sound with more power than those which brought down the walls of Jericho and have almost as much force as those which will be heard when Jesus returns again in the clouds. 
One after another they roll across the text.  Powerful, life-changing Words.  When I was preaching in Vidalia I did what every preacher does at one time or another.  I launched out one year to preach Romans from beginning to end.  As I look back over notes in my study Bible, I count 34 sermons preached during that sermons series and six of them were preached from the 8th chapter.  That particular section of the Word cannot be read quickly.  It requires time.  It demands our full attention.  To read it is to realize the truth of what Paul wrote in the very beginning of the letter, "...the gospel is the power of God for salvation..." (Romans 1:16) 
Set aside some serious time to read and meditate over these verses.  Do not be in a hurry.  Let the words once again soak down deep in your soul.  Read it not as one who knows what is ahead, but as one who is seeking to be surprised and overwhelmed by some fresh touch of the Holy Spirit.  Listen in the silence for the soft voice of God and then listen as the distant sound of trumpets start sounding closer and closer until there is nothing left but the magnificent sounds of the glory of God being poured out all around us.

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