Thursday, February 23, 2017


As an old man with five grandchildren, four of whom came into our family through international adoption, I see those Biblical words about adoption through a different lens.  I have been given a front row seat which has enabled me to see the whole thing in a way which would have otherwise been impossible.  When we read Romans 8 or Galatians 4 and hear Paul talking about how we are adopted by our Father God, we usually hear some teaching which speaks of what has happens to a child who is adopted.  But, there is another side to it.  Adoption not only involves the child, but also the one who is doing the adopting. 
While there is much to glean from thinking about the adopted child, there is also a glimpse of God to be seen as we see Him as the One responsible for the adoption.  To adopt a child means that someone has to take the initiative.  Someone has to have the desire.  Someone has to risk loving a child without any guarantees.  It means taking absolute responsibility.  It is a forever commitment.  All of this speaks of what God has done for us through Christ.  Now, this is not to affirm a "once saved always saved" mentality for choice is always an operative word in any relationship that is founded and based on love.  It is instead a way of seeing God as a Father who would take such a risk with us simply because He loves us.
Our heavenly Father has chosen to link our lives with Him.  He has chosen each one of us as one who belongs to Him.  As an adopted child becomes an heir to all belonging to the adopted parents, so does our Father in heaven grant to us an inheritance which is uniquely His to give.  His inheritance is one that is beyond rich, more than full of blessings, and will last us as long as eternity itself.  As we consider who we are and Who He is, there is no reason to ever think that we are not loved beyond the ability to measure. 

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