Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bearing Burdens

The Word tells us to bear one another's burdens. (Galatians 6:2)   Never an easy thing for most of us to do.  Many of us have enough of our own.  We have such heavy ones on our own shoulders, breaking our own heart, that we cannot really conceive of adding one being carried by another.  We only have so much energy and when all we have is taken in the course of managing the struggles of our own life, it often becomes too much effort to take on those belonging to a friend.  It is not that we are people who do not care, but people who are overwhelmed by the things life is throwing at us. 
But, then, those who bear heavy burdens understand the need people have for burden bearers in their lives.  More than others, they understand that a person burdened with some of the hard things of life cannot make it alone.  Thus, out of their own struggles, the heavily burdened are often given eyes to see those bearing heavy burdens around them.  Surely, we all know they are there.  Even when we do not see them, or their burdens, we know they are ever present with us.  Maybe all we can give in the moment of seeing is a kind word, or some expression of encouragement, or a quietly breathed word of prayer in their behalf. 
Too many times in our search for the grandiose act of compassion, the act that is going to be life changing and unforgettable, we let the ordinary moments pass without offering a word that would identify us as one willing to bear another's burden, even if for just a moment.  In most cases, a moment is enough.  Knowing someone is out there who acknowledges the struggle and who is willing to offer even a little can make a difference which is unthinkable to everyone except the one who bears the burden. 

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