Sunday, November 27, 2016

As in the Beginning

Not just dark,
    but real darkness.
The "can't see your face "
    kind of darkness,
    darkness that is deep,
    darkness that is thick.
Impenetrateable darkness.

Not just cloudy,
     or overly hazy.
The "never seen anything like it"
      kind of day,
      or is it night,
      maybe just chaos.
Catastrophic chaos.

Not just chaos,
      but absolute and total.
The "not going to make it"
       kind of chaos,
       no hopeful stars,
       no smiling moon.
Complete nothingness.

Not just now,
        but as in the beginning.
The "never been before"
        kind of beginning,
        out of darkness,
        out of chaos.
Jesus comes again.

(Mark 13:24-25)

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