Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Sign seekers seldom see,
     always hurrying,
     nowhere, but fast,
     eyes set out yonder
     instead of here.
Looking past the unfolding,
     not for buds on trees,
     but for ripened fruit.
     And so they miss
The signs that are abounding.

Sign searchers seldom find,
      never big enough,
      too mundane,
      talking more
      than listening.
Filled with ego seeking,
       always asking,
       "What's in it for me?"
        And so they go past
The signs that are abounding.

Sign see-ers seldom forget,
       not just about me,
       but mostly about Him,
       focused on the now
       always with thanksgiving.
Captivated by wonder,
       seeing the unseen,
       hearing things not spoken.
       And so they see
The signs that are abounding.

(Mark 13:28-29)

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