Monday, March 14, 2016

Sent to Save

Even though Jesus preached many sermons while walking this earth, He  did not come into our world to be a preacher.  And while we still ponder His parables, He did not come into the world to be known as one of its great teachers.  It can also be said that He did not come to heal people of their infirmities and diseases.  He did not come for His life to tell us a story that would be read through the ages.  Certainly, He excelled at all these roles and many had their lives changed because of the way He lived among us, but none of these things really speak of the reason He was here among us for a small piece of time. 
What the Word makes clear is that Jesus was sent to die for our sins.  The very beginning of the Jesus narrative in the Scripture enables us to hear an angel telling both Mary and Joseph that this Son about to be born would save His people from their sins.  They surely must have wondered about how that would happen.  On that last trip to Jerusalem, Jesus was constantly talking about going to the Holy City to die.  The gospel writer, John, gave us that memorable verse known as John 3:16 which declares the same truth.  And, the Apostle Paul wrote to young Timothy a Word which says, "The saying is sure and worthy of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners--of whom I am the foremost."   (I Timothy 1:15)

Now none of us would want to argue with the Apostle Paul.  We would not argue with him when he talks about the reason for Jesus coming into our world. However, many of us might argue with him about who is really first in line when it comes to the sinner list.  Remember that old song which has us singing those words, "It's me, It's me, O Lord...."  Indeed.  It's not my brother or my sister or the Apostle Paul, but it's me, O Lord.  Have mercy on me, one foremost among sinners, have mercy on me, O Lord.

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