Thursday, March 3, 2016


People read a lot of stuff during the seasons of Lent.  I remember a couple of churches from my past that created and printed a daily Lenten devotional guide using the members as the authors.  If such is not available, there is not end to the number of Lenten guides published by the various denominations.  There are books written and designed as study guides during these days which take us closer to the cross.  And, if none of these are available, then there is always someone out there like me who is ready to write for anyone who might take a moment to read. 
The Bible is always a good resource in these days as well.  There are numerous reading disciplines which might be read.  Reading the journey of Jesus from the moment in Luke in which He "set His face to go to Jerusalem" to the moment of the cross is likely the one most often used.  But, a disciple could also focus on the encounters on the road, or just look at the different gospels and how they handle the final week of Jesus' life.  The theme used for this particular blog series has been the cross which is an approach new to me this time around.
But, the other day while reading, I saw some material I just could not put down.  It was in the book of Hebrews.  Now, Hebrews is not the most read epistle in the Bible.  Others written by Paul probably get the most reads.  And, actually, there are a number of opinions about the authorship of the letter to the Hebrews.  Lay all that aside for a time and go read the seventh through the tenth chapter of Hebrews.  Read it slowly.  This is not a Word to be read in a hurry.  Read it and allow yourself the time to go back and read the Old Testament passages upon which it is built.  These chapters are a must read for anyone who wants to meditate more on what Christ has done on the cross for all of us so make room for them in your Lenten reading. 

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