Friday, March 18, 2016

Cross Jewelry

Writing a daily Lenten meditation since the middle of February on the cross has certainly caused me to do a lot of thinking about that event on Calvary.  It has sent me deeper into the Scripture.  One other thing it has done is to make me more aware of those moments when I see that holy symbol out there in the world.  The most common place it shows up is in jewelry.  Now, to be honest, I am not much a jewelry person.  I wear a wedding ring and used to wear a watch until it quit working.  When it quit, I decided I really did not need one since I never used it to tell me when I should quit preaching.  What other reason does a preacher need a watch?
But, a lot of people are different from me.  A lot of people wear a lot of jewelry.  And a lot of people wear some kind of jewelry which features a cross.  I saw a guy the other day with an expensive gold looking three inch cross hanging on a chain down midway his stomach.  It certainly did an un-cross like thing in that it called attention to itself.  Another man wore a small wooden cross secured around his neck with a piece of leather.  It was hardly visible just above the top button of his shirt.  A woman who handed me some change the other day in the store was wearing a silver bracelet with several crosses etched into it.  And, while it may not be jewelry, it is not hard to find an inked cross on someone who likes that permanent kind of artwork.
I cannot help but wonder what people think who wear cross jewelry.  Do they see it often during the course of the day and think about the fact that Christ has died for them?  What do they say when someone comments about their necklace or bracelet?  Do they say, "Thank you," or do they say something about the Savior who died on the cross?   Does it get worn so much that putting it on is like putting on a shirt or a pair of socks?  Does it mean anything to the people wearing the cross on their jewelry?  I guess the only way I will ever find out is to ask.

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