Thursday, December 26, 2013

Just Wondering

"Father God, I can't help but wonder.  I know how it is with us when we peer into the eyes of a newborn child.  I have done that a couple of times and though it was long ago, I still remember the moment.  I wonder, Father, what it was like for You when You peered into that makeshift nursery in Bethlehem long ago.  When we peer into our re-enactments of that birth, there is a sense of awe and wonder.  It is a feel good moment for us.  But, I wonder how it was with You.
You certainly orchestrated quite an event that night.   Mary and Joseph were there because of the way You called them to that moment.  The Shepherds came at the bidding of Your angels and the men from the east followed the Star You set in the heavens.  Ah, there was no surprise in that night for You.  You knew what was happening and had known longer than memory has existed in this world You created.  Still, I wonder if that moment of peering into the manger and seeing the result of Your planned handiwork caused You to catch Your breath.  I wonder if it caused You to marvel at what was there in plain view for You and all the world to see.
What I really wonder, Father God, is if You wept when You saw that child whose spirit must have seemed to You like a reflection of Your own?  Were there tears in Your eyes and pain in Your heart as You looked at Your Son and the path that He would be called to walk?  Was something akin to a broken heart in You as You saw Him and knew that the sins of folks like me made it necessary?  How did You do it Father?  How could You offer Him for me?  I am the one who is a sinner and He was and is the Holy One, the unblemished One.  How could you do it?  I know in this moment that I and others like me are the ones responsible for the broken heart and the tears which must have overwhelmed You when You peered in to see Your Son.  I know.  All I know to say is,  'Father, forgive.  Father, thank You for loving me.  Father, thank You for Your grace.'   Amen." 

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