Monday, December 2, 2013

Advent II (Matthew 24:36-66)

Lord, I find myself wondering.  What will it really be like on that day when I am at last face-to-face with You?  Actually, face-to-face is not how I envision it.  Me face down on the ground pleading for mercy is how I see it.  I wonder if Your eyes will see me as one ready for what will be the most important moment of my existence?  On this side we sometimes glibly say, "I am ready to meet my Maker," but, Lord, I wonder if such thinking will carry over to that first meeting on the other side.  I doubt it.
Even now, Lord, as I consider this Word before me and contemplate either You coming in Your glory, or my death, I know there will be nothing in my earthly life to which I can point You that has the power to gain me entrance into Your heavenly glory.  Lord, I am first of all a sinner--one who has fallen short of Your expectations more times than I could ever possibly count.  You have always been more than gracious in forgiving me again and again and again, but still....I must confess my need for it again tomorrow.  I have not figured it out after all these years.  I know what to do and how to live, but still I mess up too much.  Lord, I know I am sinner and I know I will always be in need of Your mercy.
Maybe, Lord, being ready for that unexpected but certain moment is not about what I have done, sermons I have preached, money I have given, good deeds I have left behind, or prayers prayed.  Could it just be that staying hungry for your mercy is what will finally make me ready?  I am not looking for a license to sin again, Lord.  I know the error of going down that road, but could it be that living and dying as a mercy seeker is enough in the end?  Lord Jesus, hear my prayer.  Amen.

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